An ongoing mission of Matthews Immigration Group is to grow and develop mutually beneficial referral relationships with other attorneys and law firms from a wide cross-section of the legal community. As a referring attorney, you can be assured that our firm possesses the expertise and resources necessary to fully represent your referral in even the most complex immigration matters. We have worked with attorneys across the country and internationally, and serve as a reliable partner and immigration law resource for our colleagues. We gladly assist and regularly receive referrals from other immigration lawyers whose professional interests and sub-specialization in the law has not equipped them to handle certain matters. If you or your clients are seeking trustworthy immigration assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office for a discussion, or e-mail us at referrals@matthewsimmigration.com.



MIG Referrals List

NC Adoption Law

F. Evan Benz

Kelly Dempsey

Derrick J. Hensley

NC Criminal Law

Joe Dipierro

Charles M. Kunz

Katy Strait Traversi

NC Family Law

Valeria Cesanelli

Daniel T. Coleman

Andrea Winters Morelos

Alice K. Womack

NC Real Estate Law

Daniel T. Coleman

MD Family Law

Mary Sanders

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