Matthews Immigration Group is Open for Business

Matthews Immigration Group was imagined and created for accruing substantial economic and sociocultural benefits for its Clients, Members, and the United States national interest. The founder believes in the crucial importance of high-skilled immigration for sustaining and improving U.S. national competitiveness in global markets and world culture, in the immense positive contributions that diverse peoples from around the world bring to domestic society, and in the Group’s competence to efficaciously and successfully represent its Clients in a wide variety of immigration matters. MIG exists to deliver high-value immigration strategies and solutions to its Clients through developed habits of competence, integrity, efficiency, meaningful communication, meticulous accuracy and attention to details, and adaptability to fluid domestic political environments and global labor markets. The firm maintains a sustainable and equitable cost-benefit balance in its Flat Fee Schedule, charging attorney fees in accordance with high-quality legal services.

MIG provides quality legal advice, counsel, and representation to non-naturalized foreign-born individuals and families, as well as to U.S. citizens, business entities, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations seeking to sponsor foreign nationals through employment-based and family-sponsored immigration benefits programs. The firm navigates its clientele through the hyper-technical maze of statutory law embodied in the INA, and subsequent legislation, regulations, and case law governing the lawful admission, physical presence, and legal immigration status of non-naturalized foreign-born immigrants, nonimmigrants, refugees, and asylees in the United States on temporary or permanent bases. The firm leverages from a single pool of legal immigration knowledge and skills to ensure the attainment of its clients’ immigration goals in a “seller’s” (high-demand/low-supply) market of congressionally limited immigration benefits.

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