DHS Delay and Potential Elimination of International Entrepreneur Rule

DHS announced last week that it would delay implementation of the "International Entrepreneur Rule," a new regulation that would provide immigration opportunities for a small number of international entrepreneurs who can show that they would provide a significant public benefit to the United States in the form of economic growth and the creation of U.S. jobs. If allowed to go forward, the rule would provide a temporary parole status for investors with established records of successful investments, or who have obtained significant awards or grants from certain federal, state, or local government entities.

Not only did the administration delay this much anticipated rule, it also confirmed its intent to eliminate it altogether. That's a terrible idea. With no suitable visa alternatives for immigrant entrepreneurs, this rule would fill a gaping hole in our immigration system while allowing true innovators the opportunity to establish and grow new business opportunities in the United States, contribute to the economic development of our country, and help us build our competitive advantage in many industries.

The administration's announcement runs completely contrary to President Trump's stated objectives of creating new jobs for Americans. The entrepreneurs who would benefit from this rule would create jobs for Americans, not take jobs from Americans. In this case, the administration's hard line on immigration means America will lose out. The administration is now undoing years of effort to develop a smart program that promotes business development and job creation. This is not good immigration policy, especially when so many working Americans are looking for job opportunities and this program would create American jobs.

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